Nico Martin - Frontend Developer
Nico Martin

WebBluetooth Scroll Hat Snake

WebBluetooth, TypeScript, Preact

A web-based UI to control a Scroll Hat Snake Game over WebBluetooth

Scroll Hat Snake

NodeJS, RaspberryPi, Bluetooth

A NodeJS Snake Game on a RaspberryPi Zero W controlled over bluetooth

SpeedWheels BLE Car UI

WebBluetooth, TypeScript, Preact

A web-based UI for the SpeedWheels BLE Car using WebBluetooth

SpeedWheels BLE Car

NodeJS, RaspberryPi, Bluetooth

A NodeJS app that moves the wheels of a RaspberryPi Car and exposes a Bluetooth 4.0 service

Node Screenshot

TypeScript, Puppeteer

A Node.js API that generates preview images for written in TypeScript.

ToDo PWA Demo

JavaScript, Preact, VueJS

A PWA ToDo list that demonstrates some of the latest progressive web app features.


YouTube Audio


A ProgressiveWebApp that allows you to listen to youtube videos in the background


Critical CSS App

JavaScript (FlowType), Preact

A Preact-Frontend for the Critical CSS API


Critical CSS API

TypeScript, NodeJS, MongoDB

This nodeJS app provides a simple API to generate the Critical CSS from a given URL. It also has a whole user management based on MongoDB where users can create and delete projects.

Gulp Editor Styles


A Gulp Plugin that wraps CSS rules with .editor-styles-wrapper to work inside the Gutenberg Block Editor

TypeScript, CSS, HTML

The code that powers my personal portfolio on


GoogleSheet Publish to JSON


A simple, ready to use PHP-based Tool to parse a "Publish to web" Google Spreadsheet and return ist as JSON.

WP increase version on pre-commit


A pre-commit hook to increase the Version of a WordPress Theme togheter with the package.json and composer.json

Progressive WordPress

PHP, JavaScript, CSS

A WordPress Plugin that adds progressive web app features (PWA) to any WordPress website.


WP Rsync

PHP, Bash

A WordPress Plugin that let's you push Plugins, Themes and Media-Elements via rsync.

Advanced WPPerformance


A WordPress Plugin that adds several performance improvements to your WordPress site. In contrst to other performance Plugins, this one sets focus on HTTP/2 Standards (like Server Push and SPDY).

PHP HEX-Color Adjustments


A PHP class that provides methods to manipulate HEX colors