Nico Martin - Frontend Developer
Nico Martin

I love writing software. And whenever I see something exciting, I build a little side project to familiarise myself with the technology.


A progressive web app that allows you to listen to YouTube videos in the background. It runs in the browser and uses modern browser-interfaces (like theĀ MediaSession API, the Web Share API and the Share Target API) in combination with a ServiceWorker and a Web App Manifest to deliver an App-Like User Experience.


A web based markdown editor that uses modern progressive web app features to provide a great, cross-platform editing experience. The main goal of this project is to showcase the File System Access API. This API allows a web app to access local files. That means files can be opened and saved directly in the browser.

SpeedWheels BLE Car

A toy car based on an Arduino Nano RP2040 that communicates over Bluetooth Low Energy and can be cntrolled with a webapplication that uses the Web Bluetooth API.

Git Installer

A free and open source WordPress plugin to install and update WordPress themes and plugins directly from your Git repository.

It works with public and private repositories, different branches, subdirectories and even allows automated updates via webhooks. Furthermore, plugins or themes are automatically recognised and validated and it also supports must use plugins and multisite installations.

WebUSB Matrix

A Raspberry Pi Pico powered Neopixel RGB matrix that can be controlled via USB. The corresponding web application accepts an image, downsamples and crops to 16*16px, gets the RGB values from each px and sends it via WebUSB.

Progressive WordPress

A Progressive Web App Plugin for WordPress. Provide an integrated user experience, Make your website reliable and send push notifications from the WP Admin interface!